How We Work: A reporting culture

Our internal reporting culture extends to 3 areas: Agency performance; team performance and test production performance. Find out how it works.

The Conversion Kings Culture

A reporting culture is how we live, breathe and think. Not just for our clients, but also for ourselves.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Words from one of marketing’s founders, Peter Drucker, and they have never been more true. At Conversion Kings, we are all about continual improvement. Here’s how we do it.

  • High Touch Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Instant Results

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Agency Performance

With our clients, we are all about transparency, results and the bottom line. We are 100% upfront about the results we’ll achieve.

And that’s more than just the lift in conversion, or signups or whatever online metric we’re targeting. We translate every online metric into financial impact before we decide where to focus, so that we generate a solid return on investment. Every test is fully documented and tracked, so that clients can see current and past results at any time, plus aggregated results.

Team Performance

When your business is largely people, how do you maximise performance? Here’s our approach.

Our day begins at 8.12am when we blast the office with a pump-up song to get in the mood. We use an online form to track our team’s energy and accomplishments, every single day. We record what was accomplished yesterday and what we aim to do today. This drives our daily stand-up meeting, but it also gives us hard data on changes and patterns over time. For example, we found that one team member had lower energy every Friday. The cause? A regular Dungeons & Dragons get-together every Thursday night. The solution? Adjust working hours and change tasks around so that critical tasks weren’t due Friday morning.

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Test Production Performance

We are hyper-sensitive about efficiency. It benefits both our business, and the value our clients receive.

For every single A/B test, we track the time it takes down to the minute. Over time, this has allowed us to identify problems, find solutions, and reward high performance among our team. Is there a need for speed? Well, we’ve improved our average conversion uplift from 8.8% – 39.5% just in the last six months.

  • Efficiency
  • Time Tracking
  • Average of 39.5% conversion uplift

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