Getting Started With Conversion Kings

If you’re new to conversion optimisation, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to get started and work with an agency like Conversion Kings. Here, we show you what the first few months looks like.

1. Free CRO audit request

Apply to have a conversion specialist analyse your homepage, or a product or content page.

Have a conversion rate specialist analyse your website and develop a report describing how to increase your conversion rates by following the same proven methodology used by over 8,000 marketers around the globe.

    • Detailed analysis from a Conversion Kings CRO specialist.
    • Your choice of page to be analysed: your homepage, or a product or content page.
    • 45-minute phone meeting with a Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist to discuss your report.
    • Actionable advice that you can implement straight away.
    • A highly valuable opportunity to increase the ROI from your current online marketing efforts.

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2. Discussion with a conversion strategist

You’ll get a 45-minute conversation with an expert to discuss the main conversion issues with your site

Instead of spending our marketing budget on flashy TV ads, long lunches or PR stunts, we prefer to invest our time and money showing you how we can help your business increase its conversion rate.
Demonstrating our skills IS our best advertising. Try it, and you’ll see why. There are no hidden catches, and no commitments. Just honest-to-goodness free advice.


3. Conversion audit and viability report

Your report contains practical, actionable outcomes to improve your site and your conversion rate.

At this point, we’ll assess whether you’re ready for CRO: whether there’s the traffic and the business case. If you’re not ready, we’ll point you in the right direction such as other agencies who can help with challenges like building traffic. We walk you through the report and answer any questions.

“Conversion Kings conversion report was full of amazing advice that we could implement instantly.”

Peter Spinda (CEO), Realities of Business

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4. Technology talk

If we’re moving ahead together, it’s time to talk conversion technology.

We don’t limit you to a particular technology; instead, we provide the tools and advice to find the right technology to suit your business.

Technology selection tool

We’ve developed a technology selection tool called Vendii to take the hard work out of CRO technology selection. It’s a detailed survey that makes a recommendation based on your unique needs.

Technology package

We can help facilitate a technology package with any A/B testing tool. This includes Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Target, Sentient, Maximizer and AB Tasty.

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5. Proposal time

Here we outline in detail what we can do for you, how we’ll do it for you, the investment and the expected return.

Conversion optimisation and User Experience design is in our blood. We are super proud of our proposals as it is designed for two personas. Persona 1, being “Impatient Ian”. For this persona and those who just want to see the investment page, we put this right up the front. No need to go searching. For the second persona “Detail Dan” we list every single task with information on exactly what we do and each tasks respective deliverables.

Our proposals are tailored to your business needs and are able to educate as well as give you a clear scope of activities of how we run a optimisation project for you.

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6. Success and the golden ticket

Conversion is king, but so is the client.

We like to make sure our working relationship gets off to the very best start, and that you’re made to feel like royalty. For enterprise clients, we roll out the red carpet and provide:

  • 2 x return airfares to Brisbane, travelling on Tiger Air, a fellow client (valid for three months)
  • Airport pickup in a 1974 Mercedes Coupe and a journey to the Conversion Kings office in retro cool style
  • A meet and greet with our entire team
  • Lunch with your new account manager at a Brisbane hotspot
  • Return to the airport


7. Setup, project management and kick off 

Our rigorous process sets your CRO project up for success.

We use proven project management techniques and a structured kick off process to get things started. We know how important it is to keep your stakeholders informed and hit each and every milestone – within budget. Nothing is left to chance with our rigorous and professional project management tools and method.


8. Research and analysis: 1 month

We conduct research, including cutting-edge methods like neuro-intent analysis.

We also complete a full analysis of your site, your competitors’ sites and your customer segments to uncover the barriers blocking conversions and which improvements will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.





9. Execution: 

With a full testing plan in place based on thoroughly-researched recommendations.

We start A/B testing on your site. At this stage we are testing, learning, iterating and pushing your conversion rate forward. After three months we can offer you a win-win risk component on our testing agreement, and guess what? You got to set the rules. If we don’t achieve the goals that you set, we give you back your elected percentage of our consulting fee. If we hit the goals, you give us the same % as a bonus. What do we do with the bonus that you pay us? We give it to the individuals who work on your account as way of showing appreciation and to continually motivate them to exceed your targets.

Conversion Kings Customer“When it comes to digital marketing and optimisation there are many commentators that talk up a good game, however Conversion Kings are different – they understand talk is cheap. Simply, they get results! We have been working with the CK team for over 2 years now for a reason. The guys develop, analyse, design and test in the CRO space with clarity and precision.  Every test and variant designed is heavily outcomes based that drives ROI. Our business continues to grow at a rapid pace with the expertise and guidance of the CK Team. Thank you Matt, Ricky, Ryan, William and the extended CK team!”

David Cooke (Director), Dental Members Australia

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Ready to get started?

Chat with a friendly specialist about beginning your conversion optimisation journey. We talk with companies of all shapes and sizes and our door is always open.

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