UX Review

A UX review is ideal for companies wanting to identify all their UX and Conversion issues in one broad sweep!

What’s a UX Review?

We analyse what’s working, what isn’t and give you clear instructions on how to fix.

Practical example of UX

Why do we have a picture of Lamborghini’s Huracan start button as an example of UX design? Good question, ask us! You may be surprised.

We analyse what’s working, what isn’t, and give you clear instructions on how to fix any issues.

A UX Review follows the same basic methodology used for CRO and Pre-Design Optimisation (setup, kick-off, project management, research and analysis). However, a different validation and recommendation format is used in a UX Review.

In a UX Review, we utilise A.I. eye tracking (along with our experience) to validate the proposed design changes. A set of mid-fidelity wireframes is then produced for your designer / developer to implement.

A UX Review provides actionable and validated advice on how to lift your conversion rates quickly!

What is included in a UX review?

A UX review follows a Conversion Kings research and analysis process that is validated through A.I. Eye tracking and past experience.


  • Customer intent survey and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Competitor analysis
  • User persona Identification
  • In person focus group / Empathy session
  • Neuro Marketing analysis (using EEG software)
  • Live website recordings / heat mapping – up to 100 videos + aggregated heat map


  • Data segmentation
  • Information architecture
  • Website flow and cart abandonment
  • UX Fundamentals review


  • Wireframes ratified by Conversion Kings lead Conversion Strategist
  • Wireframes ratified by Conversion Kings lead UX designer
  • Wireframes ratified by Conversion Kings lead Developer
  • Wireframes ratified by A.I. Eye Tracking
  • Google Analytics (Post Launch)

Delivery Method

  • Collection of Mid-Fidelity Wireframes (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile)

Below is an example of pages that are typically included

  • Home
  • Category overview
  • Category page
  • Product display page
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Contact
  • Forms
  • Store locator

UX Review

website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet

Benefits of UX Review

Redesign your website and:-

    • Keep what’s currently working and remove what’s not
    • Test with real users – before going to design
    • Reduce design time and complexity
    • Save time on re-work
    • Improved user experience design
    • Increase your sales and leads
    • Enhance the customer experience
    • Have records of different tests running and wireframes

Use Cases for a UX Review

Improve your conversions through a site overhaul.

A UX Review is tailored for a client who’s happy with their current website, but open to further improvement. Such a client mightn’t have the traffic to run a full A/B Testing CRO program.

By undergoing a UX Review, you begin the process of optimising your website for more conversions. A UX Review will identify, and then fix conversion inhibitors and critical errors.

You’ll be given a set of wireframes and recommendations, which can then be shared with your designer / developer.

The end result? Your existing website will ultimately improve as a result of validated designs and recommendations, backed by data and tested by real users.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.


Usability Research Deliverables:

  • Augmented eye tracking review of your site and your competitors
  • List of User Experience issues
  • List of User Experience solutions
  • Competitor SWOT analysis
  • Summary and details of your online primary and secondary personas
  • Online tactics and fundamentals needed to engage and convert your identified personas
  • Summary of survey findings
  • Analysis and recommendations based on survey outcomes
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Measurement Plan
  • Implementation guide

How Do We Do a UX Review?

We design a series of wireframes that make you site convert better.

We design a series of wireframes that make your site convert better.

We run a complete site overhaul to pick out your conversion blockers, following this proven process:-

  • Understand your brand through a discovery meeting
  • Run a data audit on your Google Analytics to ensure clean and meaningful data
  • Analyse the data to identify key conversion blockers
  • Create defined personas based on research and analyse your competitors
  • Analyse your website pages using data and research, and identify UX issues that can be fixed
  • Create a series of wireframes to communicate what changes should be made
  • Validate the designs through iterative testing and rework
  • Present the completed product to you.

By following this process, we ensure all recommendations are backed by proper data, and all designs are validated through comprehensive testing. What this means is that all our recommendations can be relied upon to improve your website’s performance.

Businesswoman presenting to colleagues at a meeting

What We Deliver

You’ll receive:

  • Project plan with online workflow
  • Communication plan for project
  • Discovery Meeting – Brand guidelines documentation
  • Defined personas – Primary and secondary audiences
  • Usability report – List of identified usability issues / opportunities
  • Competitor analysis – using SWOT principles
  • Customer intent survey to customers – Qualitative findings


  • GA Review or measurement plan – GA tracking suggestion document
  • A collection of wireframes for recommended changes to your website
  • Augmented eye tracking – Predictive eye tracking study outcomes
  • Rework based on eyetracking
  • Wireframe document handover
  • Design handover meeting – meet with designer


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