Pre-Design Optimisation

We use science, not opinions, when planning the design of your new or existing site.


What is Pre-Design Optimisation?

Design a new website that will convert.

Whether you’re designing a completely new site, or redesigning an existing one, the primary goal is to make it convert. Sure, other things such as brand alignment, integration capabilities and new functionality are super important; however, the primary driver should always be to increase conversions and revenue.

How to design a website that converts, whilst lowering the cost of development.

When it comes to designing a web front-end experience, one of two approaches is usually taken. Designers either focus on creating an eye-catching design, or develop a site which functions in an overly logical (read robotic) way. Many of these sites will look good and invite compliments; however, all is not as it seems.

Time and time again, we come across great-looking sites which don’t convert. Unsurprisingly, many process-driven sites don’t either. So what’s the solution? At Conversion Kings, we employ a data-driven design process which increases conversions and lowers the Total Cost of Development (TCD). It’s called Pre-Design Optimisation, and focuses on identifying and validating the most effective design – based on hard data.

What do you get in Conversion Kings Pre-Design Optimisation

What’s involved in a Conversion Kings Pre-Design Optimisation

We’ll deliver a validated and working prototype website that converts!

On the way to producing a high-converting prototype, we’ll set and reach the following project milestones.

  • Detailed qualitative and quantitative research documenting HOW we came to our recommendations (We don’t use the “I reckon” methodology)
  • Iterative wireframes
  • Mid-Fidelity Prototype of your new website (presented in inVision or Axure)
  • Validation of your new website through either;
    • In person focus group (3 pax per segment)
    • Online survey (100 pax)
    • Eye tracking study (in person or A.I.)
  • Development / Design handover
  • Google analytics implementation
  • New website uplift report

Predesign optimisation for desktop tablet and mobile


Benefits of Pre-Design Optimisation

  • Have a redesigned website guaranteed to convert
  • Know that your designs are built with conversions in mind
  • Avoid a design that simply “looks good” or built on “I reckon” methodologies
  • Save costs on constant updates and rework on a poorly converting site
  • Produce a website that achieves your business goals
  • Increase sales or leads
  • Enhance your customer’s experience


Use Cases for Pre-Design Optimisation

Pre-Design Optimisation demonstrates how other people see your site (new or existing) through their own eyes.

It’s only when you actually see how visitors interact with your site, that you discover where the usability issues lie. By doing this testing before your site is designed and built (or revamped), you ensure that problems are tackled immediately – in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Your new site will be easy to navigate and understand, with a logical flow which  grants users considerable navigational freedom. The end result? A great customer experience, and a website which meets your sales and lead generation goals – not to mention your overall company goals.

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