UX Process

Our user experience (UX) process is professional and proven. It’s all in the name of achieving the best results, whilst delivering the ultimate user experience.

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UX Setup and Project Management

Getting Set for Success

User Experience design is a creative, high-engagement field. That’s why we use professional design tools and structured communication plans throughout every stage of your UX project.

  • Personal welcome and induction
  • Core beliefs session
  • Online project planning using ProWorkflow software
  • Communication planning
  • Qualitative survey
  • Code request

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UX Kick Off

Establishing Our Relationship and Setting Goals

We pride ourselves on a successful partnership – by getting to know one another and setting joint goals for our UX project.

  • Discovery meeting
  • Google Analytics review
  • Performance benchmarking


UX Research

Getting into the Heads and Hearts of Your Customers

Understanding user motivations and frustrations is essential during the research phase of the UX project. To do this, we employ a number of research strategies to gain the insights required to design better user experiences. We answer many questions, including the all-important one: What is stopping conversions? And is the user experience converting site visitors?

  • Customer intent survey and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Competitor analysis
  • User persona Identification
  • In person focus group / Empathy session
  • Neuro Marketing analysis (using EEG software)
  • Live website recordings / heat mapping – up to 100 videos + aggregated heat map


UX Analysis

Crunching the Numbers to Catch Conversion Killers

We examine your site to identify what’s blocking conversions, and then design the recommendations in the form of wireframes or prototypes which will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

  • Data segmentation
  • Information architecture
  • Website flow and cart abandonment
  • UX review


UX Prototyping

Design Better User Experiences to Increase Conversions

Low or high, our UX designers create different types of prototypes to improve your site. Prototyping involves every development stage, from conceptualization to the final delivery.

  • Pre-Design Optimisation  – High fidelity functioning prototypes
  • UX Review -Low fidelity wireframes with annotations 


website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet

Validation & Rework

Validated design through qualitative research and Reworked to be awesome

We’re always striving to challenge the status quo, critique answers and ask questions in different ways – all in the pursuit of delivering higher conversion rates.

Validating a Pre-Design Optimisation


Validating a working prototype

We’ll create a working prototype of your new website in a visualisation app such as InVision or Axure. The prototype will operate like a live website; it will even be responsive. We’ll then create an online survey and recruit up to 1,000 participants to flow through the prototype to find any leaks in the newly proposed design.

If a conversion leak is found, we’ll fix and reissue the prototype so that it’s validated and ready for the design handover.

Validating a UX Review


Validating a collation of marked-up Wireframes

Once we’ve created your newly proposed wireframes, we still need to validate – to ensure that the design leads a user’s eyes in the right direction. Not leaving anything to chance, we feed your designs into EyeQuant, which is a state-of-the-art design algorithm that predicts where a user’s eyes will go and what they’ll see in the first 3 seconds of landing on your site. We do this to see if any conversion leaks exist.

If a conversion leak is found, we’ll fix and reissue the prototype so that it’s validated and ready for the design handover.


Design Handover

Ensuring your designers and developers can execute the proposed designs

Ensuring your designers and developers can execute the proposed designs.

The design handover is imperative to ensure there’s a seamless connection between the design strategy and final execution. Conversion Kings will meet, coach and consult with your execution team to ensure that the design is implemented correctly.

  • 2 hours design meeting
  • 1 month unlimited phone support
  • Delivery of all assets


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