UX: Design With Data For A Great Online Experience

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience Design (UXD or UED, or UX Design) can be simply described simply as improving how a user feels when interacting with your digital product.

It’s about designing with data, and creating a better user experience by improving:

– Usefulness –
– Ease of use –
– Attractiveness –
– Engagement –

UX design is a specialist field growing in prominence. Many companies are starting to realise that good design equates to more than just imagery – it’s the connection between the user and the application. An intuitive front-end design can humanise an application, making it feel like human-ware rather than software.

However, the challenge most people face is: how do I find a senior UX designer? And how do I know they’ll produce the goods? These are fair questions, as the Internet is brimming with UX consultants, UX designers and UX experts.

Conversion Kings takes all the risk out of hiring a UX designer, by ensuring that every project is focused on your business goals. We follow a proven framework, as well as provide clear project milestones and budgets. We’re not just a UX agency, UX web designer or user experience agency – we’re a team of qualified professionals you can trust to take care of your user experience design requirements.

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UX Specialities

Conversion Kings has worked with businesses of all types and sizes.
Our specialties include:

Ecommerce icon


We work with pure-play, omni-channel and freemium retailers to increase sales and get a better return on advertising spend.

UX for Ecommerce

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Lead Generation

We help both B2B and B2C marketers to generate more quality leads for their sales team.

UX for Lead Generation

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We help mobile sites and apps create a better experience for their users, using mobile-specific or in-app testing.

UX for Mobile and Apps

UX Frameworks

UX Frameworks

The UX frameworks we use assist us in delivering a quality level of service every single time. At Conversion Kings, we use a hybrid UX framework which combines the online phycology of Neuro Marketing with the customer-centric process of Design Thinking.

  • R.E.L.I.S.H.
  • Design Thinking

UX Frameworks

UX Process


Our UX design process is proven and fast! We’ve developed a system capable of understanding your customers’ thinking and providing them with the ultimate user experience. Our user experience designer will work with you to increase conversion rates quickly.

  • Setup and project management
  • Kick Off
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Prototyping (Working prototype or marked up set of wireframes)
  • Validation and Rework
  • Design handover

UX Process

Just Some of the Technology We Use

World-Class UX Technology That Delivers Results

UX Process


This website survey software helps uncover visitor confusion with your product offerings, understand objections in your purchase funnel, and more.


We use Usertesting.com to test your website prototypes with real people from your demographic, to see how easily they can perform certain tasks on your wireframes.


This is a usability tool we use to conduct real-life tests on your information architecture to ensure navigation is easy to use and content is easy to find.


This heat mapping tool lets us track where people’s eyes fall on your website mockups, to ensure they’re designed in a way that will achieve maximum conversions.

Conversion Kings User Experience packages


Pre – Design Optimisation

Design your new site based on science, instead of opinions;
focus your web project on conversions and ROI.

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UX Review

Overhaul your website and remove all
the conversions stoppers.

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Talk with a UX specialist about designing your site with data. We talk with companies of all shapes and sizes and our door is always open.

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