Conversion Kings Brand Guide

Conversion Kings Logo

The Conversion Kings brand mark should be used in all corporate applications including print, signage and online executions. It features a strong vector with our brand name and a slogan underneath. The logo should always be used to its full resolution to ensure the best quality.

This style guide provides rules and guidelines for its usage and how the ‘Ecommerce, Lead Generation, Mobile’ tagline works with it. It is imperative that these guidelines are applied when using the Conversion Kings logo to ensure consistency and design standards.


The Conversion Kings logo consists of these elements:

  • Lion vector
  • Conversion Kings watermark
  • Tagline: Ecommerce, Lead Generation, Mobile

Logo Variations

Across the Conversion Kings brand, there are varying logos available for use. Where possible, the logo should appear on a white background. These colour variants apply to the logo and tagline.

Listed is a library of colour variants of the Conversion Kings logo. These variants enable consistent use across all communications. Reverse (black and white) versions of the logo should only be used when it is not possible to use full colour reproduction. The original logo should be the primary logo used in all applications.


Reverse Logo (White)

The logo can be reversed to white, where it can be placed on top of darker brand coloured backgrounds

Download Here


Reverse Logo (Black)

The logo can be reversed to black, where it can be placed on top of white or lighter coloured backgrounds

Download Here


Individual Lion Vector

The individual lion vector can be used as substitute for the Conversion Kings logo, where the slogan is removed

Download Here

Logo Usage Dont’s

Common sense should prevail in all attempts to use the Conversion Kings logo. The following are a few examples of usage that should not be used.



Do not stretch the logo



Do not put the logo on top of busy background


Do not change the colours


Do not squash the logo


Do not put the logo on top of off brand coloured backgrounds


Do not remove any elements

Logo Placement

The placement of the Conversion Kings logo varies between print and online usage.

Placing the logo in the top left corner of a website acts as a visual identifier of the brand and is probably the most typical design pattern seen for applications. Since this placement is the most traditional, any unconventional logo locations may seem unique for visitors.




For documentation, ensure that the logo is placed in the top right corner of the first page. The original Conversion Kings logo is typically used for documentation purposes.




Ideally for web devices, the logo should be placed at the corner of each communication with appropriate spacing from the edge of the browser. On our website, you’ll see the logo can be placed in the top left hand corner of the browser as well as the bottom right in the footer.

Colour Palette

Primary Colours

The Conversion Kings colour palette is a key element in creating the Conversion Kings look and feel. The Conversion Kings primary colours should feature prominently in all Conversion Kings communications as these colours immediately lets users identify the Conversion Kings brand.

Apart from the main primary colours of blue and gold, shades of black and white are also used.



R: 0 G: 13 B: 0 #: 000D000

R: 79 G: 77 B: 77 #: 4F4D4D

R: 242 G: 243 B: 244 #: F2F3F4

R: 247 G: 255 B: 247 #: F7FFF7


The Conversion Kings colour palette has their appropriate hex codes in the form of (R, B, B, #). These refer to a system representing the colours used on a digital display.

  • R: 113
  • G: 160
  • B: 195
  • #: 71A0C3


  • R: 192
  • G: 168
  • B: 50
  • #: C0A832


These hex codes for the secondary colours make it easier to replicate design elements by finding the exact colour and shade.


R: 214 G: 137 B: 59 #: D6893B

R: 241 G: 194 B: 102 #: F1C266

R: 168 G: 191 B: 156 #: A8BF9C

R: 51 G: 72 B: 87 #: 334857

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are used in conjunction with the primary colours to add design versatility. All listed colours complement the primary colour blue and gold, yet stand apart as strikingly different when a design element is needed to catch the eye.

For example, the zesty orange both contrasts and complements to highlight features such as services elements in web design.

Secondary colours include orange, yellow, green and navy.



As a guideline, a 50% shade is recommended for use, although other shades can be used where appropriate.

The appropriate hex codes for each shade colour is listed for Conversion Kings colour palette. These shades can be used in both online and print medium, but would mainly be used for online purposes.






The importance of really paying attention to typeface choice, font size, colour, and the many other elements and aspects that must be considered when dealing with typography.

Conversion King’s typography is clean and contemporary, with the stylish and versatile font Raleway as the ‘face of Conversion Kings’. The main typeface are Raleway and Open Sans.

Primary Font

The primary font for Conversion Kings include the Raleway typeface.


Secondary Font

The secondary font for Conversion Kings include the Open Sans typeface.


Font Overview

A font overview of each typeface, font size and their appropriate usage is listed. Making sure each heading is consistent with their font size and typeface is imperative to the Conversion Kings brand guide.


Typography Usage

An overview of the Conversion King’s typography applied on the home page can be seen with the appropriate annotations.



Tone of Voice


The way we feel about our Conversion Kings brand is one thing. But it’s just as important for our customers to know our core beliefs and what we stand for:

Friendly. Personable. Credible. Refreshing.

We’re all about making each encounter you have with us, memorable. We’re far from ordinary – so we want you to feel special when hearing from us. We want people to look forward to talking to Conversion Kings. Conversion Kings is all about delivering the best results by being passionate about what we do and upholding a great relationship with our customers.

Helpful tips to show our tone of voice:

  • Write in the 1st person, using words like ‘we’, ‘yours’ and ‘ours’.
  • Use contractions: eg ‘Let’s’ instead of ‘let us’ and ‘we’re’ instead ‘we are’. It makes our writing feel more conversational and real.
  • Communicate with the upmost respect.
  • Be friendly enough to let our customers feel familiar with us every time we communicate.


Here at Conversion Kings,  we put our customers needs as a top priority. We want to help enrich the lives of our customers everyday and by doing this, leads to great relationships. Having pleasant conversations are more likely to be memorable ones. Remember, a smile in person can translate even when communicating over the phone and in writing.

Helpful tips to show ‘Friendly’

  • Be optimistic and upbeat – guide your readers more and more through each step.
  • Use a mix of long and short sentences to give your writing energy and pace.
  • Stay clear from using negative words.
  • Write in the 1st person.
  • Be mindful and respectful towards your readers and customers.




Being personable is part of what makes us stars in the industry – people just seem to like you. We don’t want to be mundane when you communicate with us so we believe having great, comfortable relationships add to our overall pleasantness. We’re friendly but we’re not matey.

Helpful tips to show ‘Personable’

  • Be empathetic – put yourself in your customers shoes by showing genuine concern for everyone.
  • Present solutions to customer’s problems by guiding them each step of the way to find their answers.
  • Be positive and use positive language.
  • Use words that are used daily through out real life conversation.


We offer great value for what we do, so we’re confident that customers will be happy with the results. We like to see ourselves as industry experts in each service we offer. To do this, we need to let our customers know we know what we’re doing.

Helpful tips to show ‘Credibility’

  • Write with authority by presenting ideas clearly and logically yet still be approachable.
  • Know your facts – provide detailed information.
  • Show honesty and sincerity.
  • Don’t “dumb down” content and be respectful of your customers.




We’re fun, exciting and believe having a can-do attitude can achieve great things. It’s all about improving each experience or encounter so that people walk away and think “Wow. Conversion Kings are a pleasure to work with.” Remember, we strive for memorability. Whether that means in a meeting we will offer donuts or send out thank you gifts to our customers, it all comes down to how others remember us.

Helpful tips to show ‘Refreshing’

  • Avoid cliches and awkward wording. We act differently to other digital marketing agencies; we should sound different too.
  • Include humour at some points to keep things interesting and to engage your readers.
  • Get to the point quickly. Short and sweet is better than long paragraphs of text.

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