Enquire today and one of our expert team members will be in contact with you to discuss how our services could be of help for you.

Interested in our UX Studio?

Interested in our UX Studio?

Enquire today and one of our expert team members will be in contact with you to discuss how our services could be of help for you.

Why Would You Need Our Design Studio?

Are you looking for a UX Design team but don’t want to hire internally? Maybe you have an influx of projects and are looking for some UX Designers to help you with a set amount of time? Conversion Kings offer an in house UX Design team that will assist in delivering your customers the best possible experience.

A/B testing is a fantastic method for verifying your design choices prior to releasing. Timely and efficient progression through a CRO testing strategy is frequently dependant on the amount of traffic your website has and how tight your deadlines are. We want to make sure every company, no matter the size, has the best opportunity to increase their conversion rate. This is why we created our UX Studio, your own personal CRO UX Design team.

Over the past 5 years of testing, we have built an incredible repository of knowledge regarding Conversion Rate Optimisation. Our UX Studio team studies your users, applies what has been discovered through past tests, strategises innovative solutions, prototypes low-fidelity and high fidelity prototypes, and packages the designs up for your developers to implement.

Our UX Design process.

Working across a range of projects over a variety of industries, our UX Studio has curated an extensive framework to deliver you the most intuitive design in the most efficient method and timeframe.

1. Understand

Before any project has started it is imperative to understand the business goals and objectives, the problem at hand, what has been conducted previously, and who is using your product. Our UX Studio team performs a number of investigatory tactics in order to reveal this information.

2. Research

Once the goals and objectives of the project are found, our UX Studio team deep dive into understanding the problem at hand. By talking to representative customers, conducting heuristic evaluations and looking at the current market our UX team identify problem areas and potential solutions worth exploring.

3. Analyse

After deep-diving into the problem, our UX studio team but heads to strategise innovative solutions that will help turn the dial. At the end of this phase, you will have a well-curated, data-driven solution backed by CRO knowledge and UX principles.

4. Design

Here our designers transform concepts into fully fleshed working prototypes. Starting with low-fidelities, ensuring the user flow and experience is on point, moving to high-fidelity to ensure the design looks mint!

5. Implement

Our Designers work closely with Developers every step of the way to ensure your design is implemented to the best of its ability. At the end of every project, our designers package up a working prototype, fully documented design and files.

6. Evaluate (And repeat)

The key with great design is continuous improvement. This is why once any project has come to life our designers monitor customers actions in order to ensure the solution is indeed performing as intended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some extra information.

Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of hiring a UX Studio Agency?

The advantages of hiring a UX Studio Agency comes down to three key topics; Experience, cost, and process-oriented. UX Studios gives you and your company greater access to a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Three experts are better than one. Additionally, UX Studio Agencies have been at it for years. This means they have their processes down pat, no time is wasted, ensuring your work is completed in the fastest possible time at the highest possible quality.

What sort of projects can I do?

Our UX Studio can help you with anything UX. Whether you’re wanting to update particular elements, re-skinning your entire website, or have new pages needing to be made, our UX Studio team applies Design Thinking techniques to ensure your product adheres to all UX principles and delivers the best user experience possible.

Will I have my own dedicated design team?

Yes. By pairing up with Conversion Kings you get access to your very own UX team. These designers live and breathe your brand, ensuring that they fully understand your customers, product, and business goals and objectives.

Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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