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Optimizely Training.

What is Optimizely Training?

Starting with a new CRO testing tool can be hard as there are many features and setup requirements to get it all up and running. Optimizely is a massive bit of technology that, to be used properly, requires investing in its implementation and setup.

At Conversion Kings, we have spent thousands of hours in the Optimizely Platform and have set up countless projects for our customers. As an Optimizely Partner, we want to empower you and your CRO testing program to be able to make the most of the CRO testing tool.

Our Optimizely Training Process.

Our Training Process sets out with the end in mind, having an account set up and ready to experiment with. While we embark on this setup journey, Conversion Kings will teach you the idiosyncrasies of the technology, and getting you to participate in the setup where relevant. From there Conversion Kings assists in the setup of your first A/B tests and can remain a support partner into the future for any of the trickier experiments you are wanting to run.

1. Platform setup

Make sure your platform is experimentation ready ensuring goals, pages, audiences and integrations are all setup ready for results from your first visitor.

2. Empower you and your team

Enable the relevant team members to learn what they need to so they can support the Testing Program alongside you.

3. Future Support

We know you will have questions as you become more experienced and sophisticated with your Experimentation program. We are here to help and can stick around to support you in any capacity you need.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

How long does the training go for?

Training is generally 3 days. Ideally consecutive so that we are able to work on the setup of the platform to get you up and running. We understand time might be tricky to get so can be flexible if needed.

What do you cover?

During the training we will cover topics from your snippet and installation to tagging pages and events and creating your first test or personalisation. We will also show reporting and how to read the results.

What type of experience do I need?

The different topics each require slightly different skill sets. Installation and tagging for instance is more for developers, though adding goals would be for marketing. We would recommend the relevant resources who will use the platform attend most topics so that you have an understanding of what each team member is doing in the platform.

Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Have any questions regarding Optimizely Training? Contact our Lead Developer, Ryan Lewis. He’ll be happy to help you.

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