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Fullstory Training.

What is Fullstory Training

We know how hard it can be to start using a new program or web tool, there are always several features and setup requirements to address before the software is up and running. Fullstory is an extensive piece of technology that, to be used to its full potential, requires investing in its implementation and setup.

As a Fullstory Partner, we aim to empower you and your testing program to make the most out of this conversion rate web tool.

Our Fullstory training process.

Our training process sets out with the end in mind, having an account set up and ready to explore. While we embark on this setup journey, Conversion Kings will teach you all of Fullstory’s peculiarities by getting you to participate in the setup process.

From there, Conversion Kings assists in the setup of your first funnels and segments, making sure this is relevant to your team and all stakeholders involved. Of course, we are always open to any questions or any issues you may have post-training.



Make sure your Fullstory account is fully ready by ensuring snippet insertion, team access, security clearance and segment setup before receiving results from your first visitor.


Enable the relevant team members to learn what they need to support your program and project outcomes.


We know you will have more questions as you become more experienced and acquainted with your research program. We are here to help and can stick around to support you in any capacity you need.


Talk to the expert.

Have any questions regarding the Fullstory training? Contact our Head of Client Services, Ben Bevins. He’ll be happy to help you.

Talk to the Expert

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