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A/B Testing Execution.

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CRO Testing Execution.

Wave goodbye to best guesses, hot hunches and strong opinions.

Conversion Kings’ CRO testing process gives you the proof and data you need to ensure every website change you make is the right one.

Does your website attract enough visitors but let you down on conversions?
Whether your goal is to increase sales, leads, or subscriptions; nothing’s more frustrating than losing good prospects who are on your website and ready to do business.

When your webpages, apps and other digital channels aren’t performing, it’s tempting to make random changes based on best-guesses or what others in the market have done. This approach rarely plugs revenue leaks or reveals the right solution. Instead, it often creates more stress and confusion while wasting valuable time, money and resources.

Profit from our 8,000+ A/B Test expertise and conversion results

A/B Testing is where site visitors are presented with two different versions of a webpage (your current live page and an alternative design).Your dedicated CK CRO design team will create exact mockups of tests, encompassing changes such as content and copy changes, product imagery, pricing, or layout, in order to test and measure which variation converts best and how users behave in each condition.

By combining in-depth A/B Testing with other CRO services and expertise, we can help you:

Remove any risky guesswork from your website update decisions
Test theories and ideas in the real world
Implement changes that you know will see the greatest conversion lift
Convert more website visitors into customers, revenue and profits

Since 2014, we’ve conducted and analysed more than 8000 A/B tests. Today, our average client conversion rate uplift is six times the industry standard.

Get all the answers you need to make profitable conversion moves

The key to the seriously impressive conversion rate gains we’ve achieved for clients across industries from food to finance, retail to charities, finance to education, is a four-pronged strategy. An unrivalled blend of expertise in CRO research, testing, measuring and forecasting.

Conversion Auditing

Jumping into A/B testing without proper research can be as dangerous as making best-guess decisions. Prior to testing, we conduct a CRO Audit that:

  • Identifies critical issues that should be quickly fixed
  • Provides insight into user behaviour
  • Gives surgical precision on where to focus our strategic efforts

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7,500 hours of customer research experience

Over the last 5 years, Conversion Kings have conducted over 7,500 hours of customer research. In your Testing Plan, you’ll find everything we have learned in each of your completed tests, as well as strategies for future tests.

The more concepts we test, the more data and knowledge we all gain about your site, your audience, and how to achieve your conversion goals.

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Conversion Strategy – Series Testing™

Instead of running single or random A/B Tests, the Conversion Kings team will implement our far more comprehensive, trademarked Series Testing methodology.

By conducting carefully grouped and ordered rounds of A/B tests until we find the ultimate winning variation, we are able to uncover answers beyond a single element or page issue.

This proven, incremental approach:

  • Ensures the uplift from one test is continually added to the next test
  • Systematically solves problems that have multiple issues
  • Reliably delivers your optimisation goals.

The Series Testing methodology means that you:

  • Attack and solve many different conversion issues
  • Find the combination of improvements proven to maximise conversions
  • Reduce your production costs

It’s a smarter, more controlled and cost-effective path to high conversions while making it easy to communicate your progress to stakeholders.

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Report and Forecast Revenue Gains

Using information pulled from winning test results, our Data Analysts use formulas and calculations to give you 90% accurate businesses revenue gains including:

  • Measuring the amount of additional revenue resulted from the winning test variations
  • Forecasting the effect of showing the test to 100% of all website visitors
  • Forecasting revenue gains 12 months out, using our custom-built seasonal model

This allows you to make informed business decisions around those tests with far greater confidence and accuracy.

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How Your A/B Testing Program Works

To produce a single test, four CK departments perform 19 individual tasks. This meticulous approach has proven to deliver the most accurate, revealing and beneficial conversion lifts in Australia.

To find your winning test we:

1. Specify The Goal

Based on your CRO audit and our learnings from thousands of previous tests, we develop a hypothesis based on the change to be made and reasoning behind it. Each testing hypothesis is prioritised and strategically ordered based on the potential for improvement, importance and ease.

2. Create a Wireframe Design

After CRO experiment concepts are approved, we design A/B Tests in a wireframe to create exact mock-ups of how the test integrates with your live website design and will look once it’s launched. Your Conversion Kings designers carefully balance your business goals, website technical capabilities and audience needs to provide your team, and our developers, a blueprint to making a CRO test concept real.

3. Create the Test Development

When the wireframe is approved, our team develops the desired design and applies it to your testing platform for review. Whatever your chosen CRO testing software, our development team can expertly create the user experience to test the experiment hypothesis, and exactly replicate the test designs and concepts. Data analytics and tracking is also set-up in order to record test data to report experiment results accurately throughout the testing.

4. Undertake User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our in-house UAT experts check for any technical conflicts that could sway or spoil the A/B Test. This gives the all-clear for the test to go live and ensures the test results and data are correct and reliable.

5. Launch The Test Variation

We publish the page to the testing software and closely track the metrics and goals to see how the variation performs against your current control variation page element.

We launch the test using your chosen CRO testing technology. This includes tracking relevant metrics and goals so we can closely monitor the effect of the test variations against the live control website.

6. Analyse The Results

The test is closed when it reaches a statistically significant result – 95% confidence that the observed results are due to the test variations and not an error caused by randomness or extraneous circumstances.

Your Account Manager and expert CRO team closely analyse the testing software results, heatmaps, clickmaps and Google Analytics data to provide a clear summary of the results and reasoning behind the effects of the tests on users’ behaviour.

7. Produce Developers Notes

The Conversion Kings development team provides documents to help your team implement the winning test on your live website.

Say goodbye to conversion rate headaches

There’s a reason so many companies continually struggle to lift conversion rates. They base decisions on best practices, ideas and inaccurate information that doesn’t reveal what’s really going on and how to fix it.

True Optimisation Programs that uncover the real issues and best answers are multifaceted and dynamic, and require a team with vast and varied skills.

These big challenges, the ones that keep marketing teams awake at night, are where we shine.

Yes, we can turn your single landing page into a conversion machine – and love doing it too. But if you want wide-scale performance lifts across your entire business, this is where the Conversion Kings team excel.


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Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

How responsive is the Conversion Kings team?

Your CRO team is literally an extension of your team. They are available on-site where needed and can be reached via mobile, email or Slack.

Where are the CRO team situated?

Conversion Kings has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Other than a personality fit, you will be able to work with the team closest to yourself as it helps with daylight savings.

Contact us at any point. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Talk to the expert.

Have any questions regarding the CRO test executions? Contact our Lead Strategist, Matthew Pezzimenti. He’ll be happy to help you.

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