CRO Testing.

A/B testing is where the rubber hits the road and your website CRO program launches. Data and results start flowing, giving your business an increase in conversions, revenue, and customer experience.

Running a single website test is relatively straightforward, however, when running a comprehensive A/B testing program covering multiple issues, personas, devices, and channels which have varying levels of development complexity and their own production schedules, the program can get out of control very quickly.

After running over 200 CRO programs consisting of 8,000+ A/B tests, Conversion Kings has developed a series of business systems and process to ensure your program is in complete control, resulting in higher performance of your online conversion funnels at a lower operational cost.

When running a CRO program the list of required systems are; Testing Plan, Series Testing Strategy, Revenue Projections, Key Metrics and User Journey Baseline Reports. Once these systems have been developed and configured by expert CRO strategists and developers, test execution starts.

Execution of an A/B test includes design, copywriting, development, goal configuration, user acceptance testing, test monitoring, post-test analysis, and strategy updates.

Coordination of all of these tasks across multiple departments takes strict control to hit required velocity levels.

A/B testing.


Testing Plan

Your CRO Testing Plan is developed to be the central repository of all tests, ideation concepts, and results. Being the single source of truth, your testing plan becomes the foundation to your CRO program.

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Series Strategy

Our Series Strategy CRO testing approach groups prospective tests based on their page or conversion issue. This industry leading approach allows us to gain iterative learnings; providing incremental conversion gains and ensuring that each test is supported by findings from previous tests.

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Revenue Projections

We record all revenue generated through every complete A/B test. Using statistical models, our Data Analysts are able to accurately predict the revenue uplift generated once the test is deployed on your live website. With project revenue broken up across your financial reporting periods, you are able to easily communicate and forecast the financial results of your CRO program.

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A/B Testing Execution

With all the required systems in place, the actual task of creating and running A/B tests can now begin. This involves: test design, copywriting, development, goal configuration, user acceptance testing, test monitoring, post-test analysis, and strategy updates.

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We had tried conversion optimisation with another provider and had a couple of small positive results. I felt that there was more potential, and in the 20 months we have worked with Conversion Kings they have more than proven that. Many improvements have been found, there were at least three which increased conversions of over 50% each. They are a great bunch of people to work with and I only have good things to say about them.

David Bruhl - BetaView

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