Conversion Program PLUS+


With everything needed to run a successful CRO program included, the Conversion Kings Conversion Program PLUS+ will increase your sales and leads while educating you through the entire process.

Comprehensive CRO Audit
12 Month CRO Strategy
Full-service A/B Testing

This CRO program is designed to help brands with more than 50,000 website sessions per month reduce bounce rate, improve customer experience and increase revenue.

If you have team members excited to contribute to the program as well, great! We love including your team as we guide and educate them through the process.

No current CRO team? No problem! Included in the Conversion Program PLUS+ is a team of dedicated CRO experts to hit your conversion targets.

Better Marketing ROI
CRO can lower the bounce rate of your paid, social, organic and email traffic; maximising business marketing budgets and increasing ROI
Improve Customer Experiences
We will help deliver the optimum customer experience that guides our website visitors to the right product and incentivises on page conversions
Increase Your Revenue
A/B testing strategies address cart abandonment rates while also increasing average order values. Improvements to checkout efficiency will have your revenue soaring.

Conversion Program PLUS+ Inclusions

All too often, many businesses who start a CRO program struggle as they soon realise the complexity of executing CRO at scale.

Whether it is over-investing in software and tools, inexperienced consultants or burning time through trial and error, the Conversion Kings Conversion Program PLUS+ ensures reliable success without error and fuss.

Your Conversion Program consists of three main phases:

Uncover critical issues, pain points and conversion leaks

Don’t leave your conversion success to the “I reckon” methodology. Conversion Kings’ Data Science team pinpoint your conversion issues through data, design and direct feedback from those who matter most – your customers (And the people who failed to become customers, too).

  • Eliminate critical issues:
    By identifying conversion fundamental issues, site speed technical problems, traffic channel bounce rates and auditing your Google Analytics for accuracy.
  • Know where customers are getting frustrated:
    By mapping and identifying where users are falling out of your conversion funnels gives a clear picture of where your conversion issues are, and reveals the revenue implications of each friction point.
  • Uncover why users are disappointed:
    Through qualitative research such as; surveys, user videos, usability studies, information architecture, and competitor reviews, Conversion Kings strategists uncover why customers are not converting on your site.

Put the right CRO testing plan into action

Using our trademarked strategy methodology Series Testing™, that achieves conversion rate lifts 200% above the industry average, your Conversion Optimisation team will analyse your CRO Audit findings to develop a conversion strategy which will reach your business goals.

  • CRO Strategy
    Your CRO Strategy uses the Conversion Kings Series Testing™ which delivers iterative learnings between each testing round. This helps deliver incremental conversion gains as each test is supported by findings from the previous. This also lowers your operational overheads.
  • Testing Plan
    Your testing plan is the central repository of all tests, ideation concepts and results. It is the single source of truth, as well as the foundation to your CRO program.

A/B | Multivariate | Personalisation | Server Side

No need to lift a finger! We do all the heavy lifting to design, develop, launch and report on all A/B tests and experiences. Managed by your dedicated Account Manager, we are your experienced Conversion Team that delivers every time.

  • A/B Test Wireframe Designs
    Designed from data, your Conversion Kings design team to create an exact mock-up of how each A/B test will look and function across mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • Test Development
    Your Conversion Kings developers will build the approved test design into the testing software of your choice. In addition, every test goes through a rigorous 200 point check twice to ensure an error-free experience.
  • Launch the Test
    Your Account Manager will oversee the launch and monitor your live tests, updating you each week with performance insights, and providing expert advice on in-situ results.
  • Analyse the Results
    Your Conversion Kings data science, will analyse your test results using the Bayesian statistical model, and work with your Conversion Kings Account Manager to produce a post-test report and recommendations.
  • Revenue Projections
    Need to manage the revenue generated from your CRO program and report on your ROI? The results of each test are inputted into your Revenue Projections to show; current, assumed, and projected revenue increases from individual A/B tests and the CRO program overall.


4 Simple Steps to CRO success
It’s quick and easy to start working with the Conversion Kings team. In a few steps (backed by a lot of expertise) we’ll help you transform your website into the conversion and revenue machine you need.


From eCommerce to educators, Not-for-Profit to Food & Beverage, clients across many industries reap the returns of our conversion optimisation services and 8000+ test expertise.

Long-Term Benefits: Why Choose The Conversion Program PLUS+

The Conversion Program PLUS+ is a highly controlled, proven and cost-effective approach to dramatically lifting your CRO and online business. The Conversion Program PLUS+ provides some significant benefits to you, your team, and your bottom line.

Identify quick fixes
Broken links, slow site speed, missing calls-to-actions and many other issues can be fixed without testing and provide immediate, often significant, returns.
Know what converts best
Unlike single or random A/B Tests, our carefully ordered rounds of Series Tests mean you can be certain which variation converts best with your audience on your site.
Lift revenues and profits
Whether you’re converting more people to buy, subscribe or open an EDM, CRO grows your business while advertising and other fixed costs stay the same.
Save time and money
Learning through incremental rounds of tests means we eliminate losing variations on the road to the ultimate winner with less development costs and time.
Make validated decisions
From auditing and strategy to testing and recommendations; every step, each finding and all test results are based on hard evidence and data. Nothing is ever left to “I reckon…”.
Leave everything to us
Your team of analysts, designers, developers, strategists and Account Managers all work together based on our refined process. So, every step of your CRO project fits together seamlessly.

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