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Why Your Website Needs A CRO Audit

Why Your Website Needs A CRO Audit

Are your website conversions dropping, stagnant or increasing slower than you’d like?

If boosting online sales, leads, memberships or other conversion goals is a business priority, it’s tempting to jump straight into Conversion Rate Optimisation testing.

Strategies such as A/B Testing can help confirm or disprove whether a different design idea or message motivates more visitors to become customers.

The Achilles heel to this approach is that you run one-off A/B tests without first pinpointing where and why visitors are leaving your conversion funnels. This can result in:

      1. Conducting wasteful tests that provide no insight
      2. Eating up unnecessary time, effort and budget

That’s why your first port of call when beginning to optimise your businesses conversion rates should be a CRO Audit.

What Is a CRO Audit?

A CRO Audit is in-depth research and analysis that answers those crucial What and Why conversion funnel questions.

It empowers you to look at your website or page through your audience’s eyes and experiences, identifying areas that need to be improved to lift your conversion rate.

CRO Audits can reveal:

      1. Conversion issues that you never considered
      2. Quick conversion wins you can fix without testing
      3. Hard evidence to form hypotheses for CRO testing
      4. Areas that make the biggest impact on your ROI over the long-term.

3 Invaluable Steps and Insights of a CRO Audit

CRO Audits provide the proof you need to commence CRO testing. At Conversion Kings, CRO Audits are the first stage in a comprehensive CRO strategy, utilising both qualitative data (your customer’s thoughts, feelings and experiences) and quantitative data (real numbers and statistics) for close analysis by our data science team. This research and hard data enable you to:

1. Quickly fix critical conversion leaks

Sometimes the greatest conversion rate boosts come from fixes that can be implemented without the need for A/B Testing.

CRO Audits combine in-depth technical analysis with quantitative data findings from Google Analytics to uncover issues such as slow-loading pages, broken links, missing calls-to-action and more.

They also confirm that your analytics tracking is set up and reporting correctly. Without accurate numbers, you’ll never know if your current conversion rate is true, or if the changes you make are really working.

2. Map out and understand user journeys

Using Google Analytics, the Conversion Kings data science team uncover:

      1. Details about what motivates your web audience to convert
      2. The pathways your website users take to reach your conversion goal
      3. The points at which where they are leaving your conversion funnel

This quantitative data will impact you’re A/B Testing plans as well as each stage of your CRO strategy on the road to maximising long-term returns.

3. Understand how your audience feels

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX) are the go hand in hand when it comes to website research.

Once you discover where funnels are leaking precious prospects, this final step takes you inside your visitor’s heads to reveal how they are thinking and feeling as they interact with your site towards and edge towards your conversion goal.

Customer surveys, heuristic reviews, NPS scores, competitor reviews, videos, and heat maps all combine to provide deep and detailed qualitative answers and motivational insights.

CRO Audits provide the data you need to develop hypotheses and run comprehensive A/B tests that deliver invaluable insights, regardless of results.

As part of the bigger CRO picture, Audits form the building blocks of controlled CRO programs that deliver both immediate conversion lifts and long-term conversion rate optimisation.

Find out more about all Conversion Kings CRO Auditing services here.


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