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The Importance of a UX Audit

The Importance of a UX Audit

When you’re trying to lift website conversions, it can be tempting to make design and copy changes based on best practice advice, past experience, and educated guesses.

This is a risky and costly strategy because every business’s website and audience are unique. What works for one can often fail for another.

If you want to be certain that the time, money and effort you invest in a website will maximise conversions and boost ROI, there’s only one practice you should follow – creating the best possible online experience for your site visitors.

What is a UX Audit?

UX Audits are an important first step in the CRO testing, strategy and execution process.

They’re a deep-dive study into the way people use your website, and move through your conversion funnels, to discover:

  • – Where they are leaving your site
  • – Why they are getting cold feet
  • – How to turn them into swooning customers, leads, subscribers (or another important goal).

UX Audits are similar to CRO Audits, but place more focus on understanding online audience emotions.

They are designed for clients who have enough traffic to validate recommendations through A/B testing or personalisation, or are building a webpage or site from scratch.

What do website UX Audits include?

There’s no one way to undertake a UX Audit. To be 100% certain of where issues lie and what needs to be done to lift conversions, the Conversion Kings UX Audit process includes four crucial elements:

  • – Measuring how UX compliant the website is
  • – Analysing competitor sites
  • – Watching the audience use the website
  • – Speaking with online prospects and customers

Specifically, at Conversion Kings, we conduct our UX audits through:

Heuristic Evaluation
To give designers some early and cost-effective feedback, we look at how well the site currently meets the 10 usability guidelines set out by Nielsen’s Heuristic principles.

Competitor reviews
Customers will usually visit a number of websites before making the decision to convert. It’s important that you know what you’re up against, and where opportunities exist.

We look closely at your competitor’s sites to identify their strengths and weaknesses and include that information in your audit to help you win a bigger slice of the market pie.

User video reviews
The steps above build a strong audit platform. Watching video footage of individuals in action (or inaction) on your website is the proof in the pudding.

User video analysis allows our conversion analysts a first-hand look at how visitors move through, hesitate on, or leave your conversion funnels.

Heat and click map analysis

Webpage heatmaps and click maps provide a collective visual representation of page elements that attract attention or are ignored. For example, where people click most and least, how far they scroll, and other invaluable insights in an easy to understand picture to make decisions from.

NPS surveys
Net Promoter Score is a single question survey metric that measures customer loyalty. It quickly helps us understand how many of your customers are:

  • – Loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and referring others
  • – Reasonably satisfied, but open to competitor offerings
  • – Unhappy and likely to damage your brand through negative word-of-mouth

Usability sessions
This is a highly revealing qualitative UX analysis where we sit down with a sample of people in your target audience as they attempt to perform tasks on your website. The feedback and discussion from Usability sessions:

  • – Helps provide a better feel for what works and doesn’t work
  • – Reduces the risk of creating or changing the wrong things.

This precious insight that can save you a lot of time, money and headaches down the track.

How UX effects conversion rate

Any business that’s serious about lifting website conversions can’t afford to overlook UX analysis and optimisation.

Until you have firsthand evidence of how prospects and customers think, feel and go about using your website, you can’t undertake a successful CRO strategy with confidence.

Several studies have stated that every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return. Without UX, it’s quite possible any changes could have the opposite impact.

Professionally conducted UX Audits are an important first step towards CRO nirvana. Contact Conversion Kings today to find out more about how our UX experts can help your business.


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