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How to Develop an Abandoned Shopping Cart Program

How to Develop an Abandoned Shopping Cart Program

Shopping cart abandonment programs have been gaining popularity with Australian online retailers and for good reason.

Abandoned shopping cart programs increase website sales through sending communication when a user hasn’t completed an order prompting them to complete.

This is done through a variety of ways; inbuilt feature within an eCommerce platform, an extension to their (ESP) email service provider, bespoke development, or a simple plug and play 3rd party piece of technology.

Some common questions that have been posted by retailers looking to deploy an abandoned shopping cart program are; what is the legitimate reason for us sending a follow-up email to our users, should we offer a discount to help close the sale, should we just send a reminder email or a combination?

There are some good arguments for all strategies, however, before you choose is imperative you have a clear understanding of what the customer actually wants.

Here are 5 simple steps you can follow that will help guide you in developing a customer-centric abandoned shopping cart program.

Step 1. – Collect emails of people that didn’t complete a purchase and have products left in their cart.

Step 2. – Send them an email asking them these following questions.
Q1. Why did you add your products to your cart?
Q2. What made you nearly buy the products in your cart?
Q3. What would have made you purchase the products in your cart?
Q4. What is your biggest question you have around “enter your product category here”

Step 3. – Read, analyse and understand what your customers are saying and what they want.

Step 4. –  Develop and implement an abandoned shopping cart program that addresses the customer feedback gained from step 2.

Step 5. – Test, measure and continually develop your program.

Here are 5 things you could test.
1. Time delay of emails sent. (1hr / 1day / 3 day)
2. Personalisation (include/exclude recipients name of the first email to test if this reduces the creepiness factor)
3. Type of creative (Emotive/Service-oriented)
4. Up-sell / Cross-sell
5. Promotional offers

The 5 step process is designed to get your abandoned shopping cart started and see the potential in the program. Once this has been proven and behavioural data is flowing through to be analysed, you can then start building and refining your program.

Conversion Kings can help you develop your abandoned shopping cart strategy, choose the right CRO technology, implement, manage and refine existing abandoned shopping cart program.

Hit your online KPI’s and don’t let another sale slip through your fingers.

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