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Conversion optimisation is an emerging field, but it’s a discipline with a unique and hard-to-acquire skillset.  Our graduate program will turn you into a pro and get you where you want to go.

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CRO Training

+ Conversion Kings Certificate


Work Experience

+ Optimizely Certificate


Career Opportunity

With us or a client



With industry leaders

The Path to a Great CRO Career

Step 1

4 Day Training

A four-day intensive workshop will provide foundation knowledge in conversion rate optimisation. We’ll cover everything from what to test, to how to test it in the Optimizely platform, and ensuring statistical significance. The workshop will wrap up with a comprehensive CRO test.

  • Certificate - CRO Conversion King
  • Opportunity to work for and get trained at Conversion Kings


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Step 2

3 Months Training

The top students from the CRO workshop will be offered a 3-month internship with Conversion Kings to gain real-life experience in a testing environment. You’ll gain hands-on experience in A/B testing, learn how to fine-tune tests, learn from data, report on results and interact with clients.

  • Optimizely Certificate
  • Work at Conversion Kings, client-side or with another great CRO agency
  • Build experience



Start your Career

Successful interns will receive a CRO certificate, and the opportunity to work at Conversion Kings nationally or internationally with one of our clients. With a solid foundation of world-class training and on-the-job experience, you’re all set for your CRO career to take off.

  • Implementing all CRO areas
  • Build experience
  • Networking


What Makes a Great Conversion King?

There are many, many skills that come into play for conversion rate optimisation. Here’s what we think it takes:

  • The psychology of watching online behaviour, figuring out what makes visitors tick, and understanding what motivates them to take action.
  • The analysis to make meaning from complex numbers and recommend the right changes.
  • The creativity to make an emotional connection in an instant.
  • The business sense to understand where to focus, what to prioritise, and what will provide a return.
  • The rigour to use a robust methodology to make sure tests are statistically significant, and that you don’t draw the wrong conclusions.
  • And the confidence to try something different; to take calculated risks for potentially huge rewards

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