CRO Suitability Checklist

Find out if you and your website is ready for Conversion Rate Optimisation ( CRO ) with our CRO Suitability Checklist.

Taking our CRO Suitability Checklist will help you make sure you are ready for a CRO program. With a conversion rate optimisation ( CRO ) project there are four main areas that will determine it’s success being;

  • Velocity: The number of tests that can be run
  • Through put: How efficient tests can be approved through your business
  • Quality: Tests based on data that will actually have positive impact on your business
  • Agility: Your capacity to implement winning tests into your production environment

To help you get a gauge on your suitability, we have put together a CRO Suitability Checklist that will be able to give you either a green, amber or red light to proceed or not.

CRO Suitability Checklist ( 13 Questions )

CRO Suitability Checklist

13 Easy to answer questions.
  • Optimising a website can be for leads, sales, engagement or a combination. Letting us know will help us understand the sensitivity of your traffic levels.
  • On average how many monthly visitors does your website attract?
  • Who is going to be responsibility for the CRO project. This helps understand the type of language and challenges you may be facing.
  • CRO requires constant input from you and your wider business. However the project sponsors availability will influence the engagement.
  • Other than the "Project Sponsor" who else would need to be involved in approving test concepts?
  • How are you currently reporting on your website performance?
  • What is your current workflow and process for applying website changes?
  • How are you currently handling development on your website?
  • We will visually review your website to help asses your viability.
  • Office or mobile is fine