Conversion Rate Optimisation for Publishing: Increased Engagement & Advertising Revenue


If you’re an online publisher, your challenge is three-fold:

  1. Keep visitors on your site as long as possible, using the most relevant and engaging content
  2. Maximise advertising revenue per visitor, by having more time to show advertisements
  3. Find a successful economic model. We work with both established publishers with an established economic model, and those who are just beginning their monetisation journey.

We understand the pros and cons of different models, including:

  • Freemiums
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Advertising
  • Selling user information

Typically, publishers fall down in their choice of economic model or their inability to increase the efficiency and profitability per visitor.

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How do we Optimise Sites for Publishers?


01 Understand your business

First we need to understand you economics and sales models. This helps us prioritise where to focus for the greatest returns – to help you meet your business goals


02 Test different sales models

We test several models to reach your goals.
Think of area's like cost per view, cost per click and a small cut of any sales.


03 Understand site goals

We explore your major goals, such as time on site, by breaking them down into microgoals, such as lowering your bounce rate, click-throughs on promoted articles or ads viewed per visit.


04 Find succes with A/B testing

We test our solutions to your challenges to find exactly what works with your subscribers, relevant to your business goals. For example, if you were after signups, you might test modal popups.


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