Conversion Rate Optimisation for Mobile Sites & Apps

We use research and testing to help you to understand what users really want on each platform and device, and ensure their experience is consistent across each channel and touch point.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Mobile Sites

Mobile use is only increasing. Your mobile (or responsive) site must be tested separately to your desktop site. The experience is very different, and often visitors have different motivations and needs than when they’re sitting at a desk.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Mobile Apps

A “conversion” for a mobile app isn’t just the number of people downloading the app itself. It might be:

  • Purchases, for mCommerce apps
  • Usage, for example logins per user for a banking app
  • Time spent in app, for example for those use in-app advertising
  • Content consumed, such as an article for a news app
  • Engagement such as connections made for a social app

Once we’ve identified the key conversions that will impact your app’s success, we can use A/B tests to determine what works for your users.

Just a few variables that we might test for an app:

  • Improved usability to make the experience easier for users. Think improved login screens, navigation, search, form design, and payment process.
  • Fundamental app changes such as making gaming apps harder or easier to see what drives engagement.

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What Mobile Visitors Need

When it comes to mobile, less is more. You’re dealing with small screen sizes and visitors in a hurry. Conversion rates can often be improved by:

  • Making contact and business operations information highly visible: Think prominent click-to-call phone numbers,
    directions, hours of operation, maps and other useful information.
  • Using rich media: videos and podcasts are often easier to consume than text.
  • Making key purchase information larger: such as pricing, shipping and call to action buttons.
  • Optimising forms for the mobile user: such as trimming fields and ensuring that design suits the mobile user.
  • Providing mobile-friendly navigation: such as collapsible menus.

How it works

Conversion rate optimisation works the same for mobile apps as it does for websites. We simply create two different interface versions, and split test them – all within your app – until we have a clear winner, then you push successful changes to production.

Testing should be an ongoing part of your development cycle – it provides valuable insight into what your users really want, helping you to make the most of your marketing and development dollars


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