Conversion Rate Optimisation for Lead Generation Increases Both Lead Quality & Quantity

What’s a Lead Generation Conversion?

Depending on the industry, a conversion can be defined in many ways: a form submission, phone call, content download, social media share, or an email list subscription.



Business conducted between businesses



Companies that sell directly to customers

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Lead Gen. Form B2B

If you’re a B2B marketer, there’s no escaping lead generation. It’s probably what keeps you up at night.

A recent study showed that generating more leads is the #1 challenge for B2B marketers, closely followed by improving lead quality.

Increasingly, lead generation is moving online – in 2014, online channels showed the biggest growth for B2B prospecting.

Content marketing, inbound marketing, social, search, marketing automation – there are so many levers to push to get the right message to the right people.

But at its core is your website. And if you’re spending huge efforts on driving traffic and creating compelling content, that’s only the first step. To really maximise your marketing dollar, you need to get the right people to the right content and convert them into a lead.

Conversion rate optimisation is about doing more with the traffic you already have. It makes perfect sense for B2B marketers who not only face high costs for lead acquisition, but may in fact struggle to find new ways to drive traffic for highly segmented niche markets.

What Affects B2B Lead Conversion?

Trust is critical.
B2B buyers are risk-averse – you’ve probably heard the saying “no-one got fired for buying IBM”. Communicating your credibility and expertise is key.

B2B buyers want to be educated, not sold to.
We help you test different content and positioning to find out what really resonates with your market.

You need to think accounts, not just contacts.
There will be multiple influencers and decision makers, so your messages and content must cater for both tactics and strategy.

Buyers in different industries and segments have radically different needs, so you need smart ways to offer them relevant messages. Imagine if you were trying to sell insurance into a telco, and your website automatically showed telco-specific messaging when a potential lead visited. Leads also have different informational needs as they move through the sales funnel, and will visit your site multiple times with different intentions. The days of having a website that’s essentially a static brochure are over.

Usability rules.
When you’ve spent a heap on getting a visitor to your site, it’s painfully costly when they vanish without a trace. It makes sense to ensure your site is highly usable and gets visitors where they need to go.

How Does B2B Conversion Rate Optimisation Work?


You must make information fast and easy to find. This isn’t easy, with target segments that have highly different needs, visitors who come back to your site multiple times during the sales process, and large quantities of content.

Conversion Optimisation

Just some of the areas we investigate to help your website convert better:

  • Credibility, trust and proof
  • Form optimisation
  • Segmentation & personalisation
  • Calls to action
  • Offers, messaging and content
  • Contact options and promotion

Research is Key

We use a variety of techniques and tools to find out where your site is leaking: what’s causing visitors to click away to the competition. Then we develop solutions to solve these problems, build concepts, and test and implement the winning variations.

We’re always mindful of your bottom line – not only improving the quality and quantity of leads, but also ensuring you reach your cost per lead targets.

There are some added bonuses from our data-driven research. Once you know what actually motivates your market to take action, you can refine your campaigns and messaging to take advantage of this valuable research and improve overall marketing performance. You’ll also receive intelligence on the companies that visit your site without converting – so you can show your sales team which accounts are in the very early stage of their buyer’s journey.

Business-to-Customer (B2C)

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 2.16.39 PM

Lead generation for B2C marketers comes into play when the product or service you’re selling is a considered purchase – one that is high value, has long sales cycle, and generally isn’t made online.

The purpose of your website is therefore to generate leads to pass on to a sales team. B2C lead gen is common in industries such as:

  • Financial services, such as credit cards, home loans and insurance
  • Telcos & utilities
  • Professional services
  • Education & training
  • Home improvements

Typically, these industries are highly competitive, with heavy pressure on marketers to provide a high volume of leads to sales teams and call centres.

How to Succeed at B2C Lead Generation

The winning formula for B2C lead generation involves:

  • Having strong competitive intelligence
  • Understanding your consumers
  • Crafting a compelling offer
  • Finding consumers who are actively looking for a solution
  • Converting interest into qualified leads
  • Nurturing leads who are not yet ready to buy
  • Backing lead generation with a strong sales and telemarketing operation to convert leads to sales

How to Improve B2C Lead Generation

Our approach is based on research and testing. We analyse your website to pinpoint the problems and opportunities and detect where and why some visitors don’t convert to leads.

Then we create solutions, build concepts, and test and implement the winning variations.

Typical areas we look to improve:

  • Form optimisation
  • Friction and its impact on lead quality and quantity
  • Social proof
  • Credibility and trust
  • Segmentation & personalisation
  • Calls to action and messaging
  • Contact options and their promotion
  • Technical issues, such as site speed or mobile site

How Can I Get More Leads From Existing Traffic?

That’s where Conversion Kings comes in. We use a number of tactics, including:

  • Building more value into your offer
  • Providing a personalised experience based on strong segmentation
  • Reducing friction, especially for the sign up process
  • Using an incentive
  • Lowering anxiety and building trust


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