eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation:
Turn Clicks into Customers

Not only does your site have to be easy, fast, usable and trustworthy, every single step of the sales funnel needs to be just right. With over 14 years experience in online retailing, we provide highly tailored conversion help to:


Pure Play

A business that operates only online


Omni / Multi Chanel

A business that operates both online and offline



A business that offers free services for a limited time


Conversion Rate Optimisation for Pure Play Retailers

Pure play retailers who only sell online have to work harder to gain consumers’ trust and make an emotional connection. Common ways that conversion optimisation can help:


Build trust:
Such as promoting well-known brands, providing high quality images and information, promoting security seals and payment gateways, having policies and guarantees such as pricing, privacy and returns, and using reviews and social proof.

Create an emotional attachment:
This isn’t just about using emotive messaging; it’s about understanding your target market. What makes them tick, the benefits they receive from your product, what images and copy tone appeal, and what value-adds you can provide.

Address pricing comparison:
Yes, it’s easy to compare prices on the web. But don’t force visitors to competitive sites to compare – do it right on your site – and keep them there.

Make it easy to connect:
Make it easy to get in contact – before purchase. Prominent phone numbers and live chat provide reassurance.

Allay fears about delivery and returns:
What happens if your product isn’t suitable? Make it easy and transparent at the right point in your sales funnel.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Omni / Multi Channel Retailers

Sure, you’ve got the advantage of a well-known brand and an established customer base. But you’ve got other challenges:


  • Pure play competitors who ONLY need to focus on their website, and often do it better.
  • Complex buyer behaviour, sales funnels and delivery options; and a dynamic and shifting relationship between online and in-store.
  • Separate divisions and P&Ls between in-store and online and internal fears that online sales will cannibalise those in-store.

It’s really important to prioritise your goals. Do you want to:

  • Drive online sales
  • Get a better return on TV, print and radio advertising
  • Use online to drive in-store traffic
  • Promote in-store pickup
  • …and the list goes on.

Once your goals are set, we can use many different tactics to capitalise on your branding and use existing trust to your advantage. Common tactics include:

Promote easy delivery and returns:
Especially if buyers can pick-up and return in store – this is a huge advantage over your pure play rivals.

Strengthen your mobile presence:
If consumers visit a competitive store, will they check your mobile site on their phone to compare prices and choices before making a purchase? What if your website ‘knew’ they were in a shopping centre and automatically promoted a pricing offer?

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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Freemium Products

Freemium marketers offer a free trial of their product (or a cut-down version of it) for a limited time. They are betting on the fact that a portion of users will like it enough to buy it when the time runs out.


What’s important for conversions?

  • Testing your offer. Should you offer full functionality for a short time, or partial functionality? What’s more enticing and what converts into more sales?
  • Getting those who sign up for a trial to actually use your product. This is all about a hard-hitting campaign of selling and educating – showing people how to get the most out of it, so that buying it becomes a no-brainer.
  • Pricing, especially how it’s positioned.

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Typical eCommerce Conversion Challenges

Chances are, you’re not satisfied with your conversion rate. In 2014, an eCommerce study reported that only 22% of stores were satisfied with their conversion. Tellingly, 0% were very satisfied.

Even retailers with a slick website, a hefty database and a generous advertising budget can run into trouble. Do you face these typical challenges?

  • My advertising spend doesn’t produce a high enough return
  • More traffic doesn’t convert to more profit
  • Sales have flatlined or suddenly dropped and I don’t know why
  • My average order value is too low
  • My shopping cart abandonment rate is too high
  • I don’t know what really appeals to my visitors
  • My attempts at optimisation are based on guesswork, not hard data

How Conversion Rate Optimisation Cures eCommerce Headaches

The key to better eCommerce conversions is customer segmentation and a personalised experience.

Average conversion rates mean absolutely nothing. We segment your visitors by location, device, demographics, purchase history and so on – and make sure they have the optimal experience.

Examples? You’re a homewares retailer. Your website visitor is female and from Melbourne which is in a cold snap. So your homepage automatically shows blankets. Next website visitor is male and from Queensland (the Sunshine State). He’s shown some cheerful towels. Personalisation creates an easy, seamless experience for your visitor – and takes them one step closer to a sale.

We pinpoint where your conversion problems are and develop actionable ways to solve them. This is a scientific process based on hard data. We track:

  • Who your visitors are
  • Where they come from
  • Where they enter and leave the website
  • How they proceed through your shopping cart
  • What hesitations they have and what stops them from purchasing


To find out how to increase conversion rates for your eCommerce business, contact a retail specialist today.

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