Setup & Project Management

We set your conversion project up for success right from the start.

We know how important it is to keep your stakeholders informed and hit each and every milestone – within budget. Nothing is left to chance with our rigorous and professional project management tools and method. Here’s how we set up your project:

1. The warmest of welcomes

As a new Conversion Kings client, you’re treated like royalty. Because we believe that great relationships bring about great results, we get our partnership off to a memorable start. All enterprise clients receive:

  • 2 x return airfares to Brisbane, travelling on Tiger Air, a fellow client (valid for three months)
  • Airport transfer and a journey to the Conversion Kings office in retro cool style
  • A meet and greet with our entire team
  • Lunch with your new account manager at a Brisbane hotspot
  • Return to the airport


2. Core beliefs session

Everyone has a different style of doing business. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach: we take the time to get to know you and your personal communications preferences so that we can provide a tailored experience. 

  • Identify what core belief that you subscribe to
  • Allocation of the right account manager best suited to your personality

Connecting by brain functions

3. Online project planning

Forget sifting through emails, we manage your project in a highly professional online environment, using Proworkflow software. You use this tool to:

  • Review upcoming tasks, project status and due dates
  • Monitor the status of optimisation tests
  • Provide feedback and approve tests

You’ll receive:

  • A detailed online project plan so you know exactly what will happen, and when.


4. Communication planning

To be successful at conversion optimisation requires lots of involvement from our team and yours. It’s a high-touch, high-engagement game, so communication is key. We develop a communication plan that fits your team and workflows, and includes:

  • Kickoff/discovery meeting: Your key decision-makers meet our entire team in a fun and friendly environment to review the project and learn about your goals, market segments and customers.
  • Usability research presentation: After extensive usability research, including brain wave mapping by leading neuro-scientists, we present our qualitative research on what customers truly think of your brand and website, and where improvements are needed.
  • Analysis findings: What our data crunching has shown about conversion barriers on your website and opportunities to improve.
  • Testing plan presentation: All the possible conversion tests, prioritised by likely level of uplift, value to your business, and level of difficulty. In a detailed schedule, we’ll smash through the quick wins that prove the value of the program, then work our way down.
  • Weekly account meeting: Your account manager will call you for a weekly progress update.
  • Weekly account summary: Friday is report day, when you’ll receive a written report on activities and results for the week.
  • Monthly strategy meeting: This is a documented meeting where we review the month just gone and discuss plans and priorities for the month ahead.
  • Quarterly performance review: This is a hard-headed business meeting where we review the financial goals of the project and CRO performance.

You’ll receive:

  • A presentation of your communications plan and full documentation.

Graphic designer pointing at computer in office

5. Qualitative survey

This is where we gather some preliminary research from both users and non-users of your website. It helps to guide the next phases of your project.

You’ll receive:

  • Survey findings in a report.


6. Code request

To run a conversion testing program requires various codes to be installed on your website.

You’ll receive:

  • Codes and instructions for your developers so that we’re all set to get started.


Next Step

We kick off your project with a team meeting, then review your Google Analytics setup and create performance benchmarks.

How we kick off your CRO project