Testing Plan

Conversion optimisation success is all about velocity. That means quick wins and fast results.

With the backing of extensive research and analysis, we create detailed recommendations to overcome your conversion blockers and put you on the road to online optimisation. We list every single potential conversion opportunity, which is then scored based on the likely uplift and level of difficulty.

Every test is carefully prioritised, and we plan to start with a bang – that means the easiest tests with the highest value first, to get runs on the board. We work our way through, ending with most difficult, least value.

After years of experience, we know how to run tests in the fastest possible time, without cutting corners. In the last six months, we’ve improved our average conversion uplift from 8.8% – 39.5%. How? It all comes down to velocity – ask us about it.

Your testing plan is a live document in Excel. That means at any moment, you can refer to the current state of testing, or check results from a previous test.

The value of this testing plan?

  • You’ll know exactly what we will be testing, and when we’ll be doing it
  • You’ll prove the value of your testing program quickly by tackling the low hanging fruit first
  • You’ll see hard data on results – not just conversion uplifts, but the actual impact on revenue
  • You’ll always have information at your fingertips to educate your team

You’ll receive:

  • A detailed testing plan in Excel that plans, prioritises and records every conversion test and the results and recommendations


Next Step

We design and develop A/B tests and get them running.

How we create A/B Tests