Kick Off

We want our partnership to be fun, to push boundaries and set you up for new levels of success. The kick off phase establishes our relationship and our joint goals.

1. Discovery Meeting

Who said meetings were boring? Our discovery meetings are all about connecting your key decision-makers with our entire team. At this point, all our specialists become yours. You’ll have at your disposal CRO strategists, UX designers, developers, data analysts, content writers and more. Anytime you need it, you have direct access to the team. 

In a fun and friendly environment, we review:

  • The rules of engagement for both parties
  • Your goals, your market segments and your customers
  • Your brand guidelines
  • Deliverables

After the meeting, you’ll receive:

  • A summary of our discovery meeting

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2. Google Analytics Review

So often, we find that tracking and goals aren’t accurate in Google Analytics. And without accurate data, you can’t make good decisions. We comb through your analytics to review and correct all the important metrics and settings, including:

  • Filters
  • Goals
  • Funnels
  • eCommerce / Form tracking
  • Site search
  • Event tracking
  • Segments

You’re left with an easier analytics experience, and the confidence to fully rely on the data.

You’ll receive:

  • Google Analytics data you can rely on.

Google Analytics Review

3. Performance Benchmarking

After our spring-clean of your Google Analytics account, it’s now time to set some benchmarks and targets. We document:

  • Current performance benchmarks
  • Agreed targets. This may incorporate many different metrics, including:
    • Conversion rate lift
    • Time on site
    • Pages viewed
    • Video replays
    • Forms submitted
    • Average order value
    • Order frequency
    • Newsletter signups

You’ll receive:

  • Your true conversion rate metric
  • Program KPIs
  • A certificate of our shared goals

Benchmark Standard Management Improvement Benchmarking Concept

Next Step

We get into the heads and hearts of your customers using innovative research, including neuro-intent analysis.

How we do CRO research