Where will conversion optimisation have the biggest impact? We crunch the numbers to catch the conversion killers and find the biggest opportunities to improve. We analyse your site and your customer segments to uncover the barriers blocking conversions and which improvements will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

1: Data segmentation

When you look at overall analytics, the main pitfall is the “tyranny of averages”. For example, if you look at the average sale size (where you have $10 products and $50 products) – it’s meaningless and it certainly doesn’t suggest running a promotion for the average sale size. To gain better insights, you need to dig deeper.

We segment your website traffic and suggest potential tests to appeal to different segments. That’s because creating a personalised website experience is one of the keys to achieving better conversion rates. If you’re wondering how you could segment and what tests you could run – the possibilities are nearly endless, and include:

ConditionUse Cases
New/Returning visitorsSpecial offers or layout changes
BrowserMobile tests, excluding older browsers
Query ParameterPPC/SEM campaigns & landing pages that change depending on what a person searched for to arrive on your site
CookieLogged in/out, other
ReferrerSearch traffic, landing pages, key referrer sites
Day/TimeLimited offers
IP AddressesSpecific organisations or IP ranges
Custom JSFor custom logic
Custom EventAdd visitors to the experiment based on whether they have performed an action
Custom TagAdd visitors to the experiment based on information you have about the visitor or page
Custom DimensionAdd visitors to the experiment based on whether they match a certain condition

You’ll receive:

  • List of segments that are viable for CRO improvement

2: Information architecture

Can your users find what they’re looking for? Is your website intuitive to use? We examine whether your navigation is causing any conversion problems.

You’ll receive:

  • Validated or proposed navigation structure

Website Navigation

3: Website flow and cart abandonment

Visitors to your website are on a journey. You need to understand where they arrive, what they do and where and when they stop. By understanding exactly where your drop off points are, we can recommend improvements to your sales flow that will lead to higher conversions.

You’ll receive:

  • Revised sales funnel
  • Cart abandonment funnel


4: User experience (UX) review

Backed by a full program of analysis and research, we now get into the nitty gritty of your website and the experience it provides. No stone is left unturned – we review every single UX element for the main pages on your site.

You’ll receive:

  • Augmented eye tracking review of your site compared with competitor sites
  • User Experience review – a list of issues and proposed solutions
  • Critical conversion blockers on your site solved


Next Step

We create a detailed plan to overcome your conversion blockers and put you on the road to online optimisation.

How we create your testing plan