CRO Framework

We not only test different hypothesis, we also challenge our conversion thinking through testing different frameworks. We are constantly adding additional frameworks as we prove their viability.


What are frameworks?

Frameworks provide a structured approach for solving a conversion challenge. They make sure that a strategist uses a proven thought process that’s based on hard evidence. That all the key bases are covered. That opinion and hunches don’t creep into the process.

What should you ask a potential CRO agency?

It’s worth asking any potential CRO agency which frameworks they use. If they don’t use frameworks at all, it’s a red flag that their processes may be less than scientific. At Conversion Kings, we use multiple frameworks, choosing the most appropriate for each specific challenge. Sometimes we even test them against each other and to learn their comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Why do they impact testing?

Because they help you prioritise what to test. You can’t test all pages at once. And you’ve got limited time, resources and traffic. Optimising the optimisation process is just as important as the tests themselves. You’ve got to invest where you’ll get the highest returns. And these frameworks help you make data-driven decisions.

The alternative? You start where it seems obvious. The most popular pages, under-performing pages, or the pages your boss hates. Those are all things to consider, but they don’t give you the whole picture or optimal results.

NeuroPower Group RELISH CRO Framework

CRO Relish Framework

The RELISH CRO Framework is a powerful way of leading a user to a conversion from the Global leader in Neuro Marketing, NeuroPower Group. Based on the notion of satisfying a users baseline needs, then offering a level of delight to move users swiftly from introduction to advocacy. This framework is effective when working with multi and omni channel clients as it can be applied to online, offline and internal communication.

  • Relatedness: Clarify the purpose of the communication and the role of the person receiving it.
  • Expression: Label the emotion that exists around the issue being communicated.
  • Leading the Pack: Be clear about the objective of the communication.
  • Interpersonal Connection: Empathise, connect and show that you understand.
  • Seeing the Facts: Present key data, facts, information and milestones.
  • Hopefulness: Address future implications and outline the next steps.


The MECLABs CRO framework is a mathematical way of deconstructing the different elements of a landing page or website while taking into consideration a users emotional state. We love this CRO framework due to the simplicity of combining both left and right brain of thinking with a methodical process of identifying conversion blockers.  

C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f)-2a


“C” = Probability of conversions
“m”= Motivation of users
“v”= Clarity of the value proposition (why)
“f”= Friction elements of process
“I”= Incentive
“a”= Anxiety about entering information



LIFT CRO Framework

The LIFT CRO Framework that was developed by WiderFunnel is highly popular due to the fact it works and has a wide viral appeal. The LIFT CRO framework is the easiest framework to build your conversion thinking around while being a fantastic vehicle to communicate to your wider team how you have created your conversion hypothesis. The LIFT CRO framework consists of:

  1. Value Proposition: The value proposition is the most important of the six conversion factors as it has the largest potential impact on the conversion rate.
  2. Relevance: Does the landing page relate to what the visitor thought they were going to see?
  3. Clarity: Does the landing page clearly articulate the value proposition and call-to-action?
  4. Urgency: Is there an indication that the action needs to be taken now?
  5. Anxiety: What are potential misgivings the visitor could have about undertaking the conversion action?
  6. Distraction: Are there items on the page that could divert the visitor away the from the goal?


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