How CK Has Kick Started A Fulfilling Career In My First Week

IsabellaAfter graduating from university in 2016 with a degree in Biomedical Science, I decided I wanted to travel the world. From snowboarding the slopes in Canada, sailing Croatia and city hopping around Europe, I returned home wondering what comes next?
A career, with an academic background and a strong interest in people, processes and project management, I decided to make my passion my paycheck.

On the eve of my first day of work at CK, I triple set my alarms, I had my outfits all planned out, I had my lunch packed and ready, and I set aside my travel mug for my morning commute to the city.

Starting a new job is scary and exciting all rolled into one! Just like your first day in school, but this time you’re in heels and there’s big expectations on you. Even after prepping the night before, those butterflies were fluttering the entire morning, as I got ready for this new journey.

I left early Monday morning, excited, eager and ready to learn. It was an exhilarating feeling walking into the office for the first time and being surrounded by a whole team of professionals.

My first day started off with a scheduled client discovery meeting. Here, I was able to gain a real insight into the role of an account manager. This included understanding meeting agendas, the working and communication styles of my teammates and the types of projects and departments within the business. Not only was I exposed to the initial phases of bringing new clients on board; I was also invited to my first client lunch, and who doesn’t love free food!

Isabella and MonDay two was all about being a sponge and absorbing everything relating to administrative tasks, navigating computer systems, creating and assigning projects to departments, building rapport with clients and understanding CRO testing methodologies.

Throughout my training on day two I was able to make a comparative link between CRO testing and my three year university degree.

Any scientific test begins with a framework/ strategy. You can always make changes to an experiment, but unless you have a method behind those changes there’s very little you can discover!

After watching how CRO tests were formulated, I realised it wasn’t just a series of tests; it was full on science! The main effort in the testing methodologies used in CRO go into research, hypotheses creation, analysis and reporting. These concepts mirror the fundamentals of my studies in Biomedical Science precisely, providing a sound basis for a career in CRO.

Isabella on flight

As Wednesday rolled around I was already jet setting to Sydney for my first interstate business trip. I was so excited that I walked with a bounce in every step through the airport. Starting the day with my café latte in the VIP lounge, my boss and I waited for our early morning flight. I was particularly excited to meet the extended team down in Sydney and join in on client meetings with global companies.

After a jammed packed day of gaining exclusive insight into the industry, I was able to enjoy the vibrant city life Sydney has to offer. Spending the night by the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as well as having 5 star city view accommodation on the 62nd floor was definitely an experience on its own.

SydneyOn my fourth day at CK, the biggest highlight would of had to be the morning team meeting. We had the whole team from Brisbane, Sydney and overseas all join in on an online video group chat. Despite the distance, we were united as one, and it was this moment I grew a great appreciation for the CK culture.

As I reflect on my first week, I feel incredibly privileged. I’m working with a team who are experienced, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. It’s not a surprise that CK has claimed the throne as Australia’s largest CRO agency. I cannot wait to immerse myself into the culture of Conversion Kings and integrate my academic knowledge into the scientific nature of CRO.