A Night With My CRO Peers

CRO is a process of continually improving your website based on your customer needs. Whilst the concept of A/B testing has been around since the beginning of time, in it’s most simplest form of; animals in the wild testing and iterating different approaches to attract a partner, with the most desirables ones successfully getting to mate. Actually not much has changed, with people now testing themselves holding a puppy in their profile picture to get a left swipe, so with website testing now becoming a real and standard practice, observing the growth in the market is fascinating to watch.

If Conversion Optimisation was a cooking ingredient, it would be the MSG in Chinese food, the secret ingredient that can make any sweet and sour dish taste amazing, much like the evolution of the human race through continual iteration of successful genes. With the advancements in testing technology namely Optimizely and courageous individuals, Conversion Optimisation is flourishing. With the service still in its infancy, it is being shaped by the current market leaders and they are  an interesting bunch.

With CRO being very much a multi faceted tactic, the one thing I noticed about all my peers in CRO, is we are all Mavericks. It takes courage, curiosity and craziness to dedicate yourself to a new and emerging tactic.

Last night at the Optimizely Australian Launch party, I was blown away that all my peers demonstrated another quality starting with C – that was collaboration.

Walking into the venue, I firstly saw Michaela from Catchi, who welcomed me with open arms, soon after I was hanging out with Cornelius and shortly after chewing the fat with Nima from New Republic. Throughout the night I was truely humbled to know the main players of CRO, not only recognised me for my loud shirts but gave me positive feedback about Conversion Kings’ reputation in the industry.

The energy of the night can be summarised by a late night conversation I had with Richard from Optimizely – you know the ones at the end of the night when you have one eye closed and you’re mentally mapping your way home that will take you past a kebab shop. Richard mentioned to me that in Japan, they never use the word competitor, they say peers. Whilst I’m a little bit blurry on the details, his comment really hit home. As the current state of play of CRO in Australia is delivered by my esteemed peers who are not only great individuals but genuinely care for their clients, team and the category as a whole. My journey of getting Conversion Kings to be such a power house of CRO, an agency which is now able to intimately service clients in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne has been no easy feat, although doing alongside such great peers around me makes me feel truely blessed.

I would like to express a big thank you to all my friends who partied with Ricky and I last night and to our wonderful partners at Optimizely for putting on such a great night. Also, a heart felt shout out to Dan Siroker who started the movement!

Looking forward to the new chapter of build the CRO market in Asia-Pac region with all my amazing peers!

Let’s work together to make this category and service truely outstanding.