72 pieces of copy – 8 short weeks – 1 topic – 1 client

Creative Content

My inspiration for writing this article came after I read “10 things that I have learnt by running 1000 AB tests” by Matthew Pezzimenti. After I read this article, I realised I had also achieved something which included velocity and endurance and sharing what I had learnt could be helpful to someone else in the future.

1. How to be resourceful – finding 72 new ways to write about the same thing.

Content Writing is all about having fresh content, creative words and unique lines and phrases. After writing 72 pieces of content about the same topic in a short period of time I found myself almost memorising particular quotes and phrases subconsciously and I had to really take a step back and slow down to ensure I wasn’t repeating myself.

This is where resourcefulness for finding singular unique words became an ultimate talent of mine. I started where I thought was the most logical place … a thesaurus. Unfortunately, a thesaurus only gives you so many options (not quite the 72 I needed).

Then I started typing phrases into Google for some inspiration… That didn’t last very long either. The most resourceful trick I found was to ask real life people questions on the topic. People are your best resource. Never underestimate the power of a fellow friend or even a stranger’s words, thoughts and ideas. With 7.4 billion people in the world – ideas are never ending.

2. Feedback is your best friend not your worst enemy

Luckily for me, I work at Conversion Kings – An awesome CRO Agency that specialises in hard core research practices that define a client’s primary and secondary target audience and personas whilst running a highly detailed analysis before a project can even commence. I have the world of data and research at my hand, which is great, but in saying that – it is still hard to get content writing right the first time round.

In the first few weeks I remember writing countless articles that – While I thought they were on the money, they unfortunately missed the mark, even with the excessive time I had put into researching the topic at hand. However – what usually follows after a first draft is golden – it is the feedback you receive; whether it is from the client, peers or mentors, pretty much anyone who can look over your work is better than no one looking over your content.

Feedback highlights where you can improve and it is crucial in perfecting content when writing for a client. It also helps you to learn how to take criticism and use it to better yourself. When someone takes the time to give you feedback – appreciate it, accept it and learn from it!

3. Practice makes perfect

Like anything, practice makes perfect and in a short period, I went from knowing very little about this one particular client’s business to almost feeling like I am apart of their employee role. I could recite their franchise locations; products on offer and even extra added services that extend from their brand. Not only have I perfected the understanding of their brand I now have a groove of what kind of writing they like. When clients are happy, I am happy!

It is a good feeling to get it right and then be able to pump out good quality work. Unfortunately – or should I say fortunately – the 72 doesn’t end there – I am only 40% of the way through this massive project but I am excited to have learnt these personal lessons along my Journey and can’t wait to see the end results it produces!

Till next time,

Hayley Crisafio