Quick Hacks for Content Writing

Persuasive content writting

Let’s talk about text baby!
Let’s talk about C and V.
Let’s talk about all good things
And the bad things that command can give.
Let’s talk about text!

Are you forever looking for a shortcut, a quicker way and a more efficient route?

Here at Conversion Kings there is no such thing as a shortcut when it comes to content writing. Content writing is an art that takes time to master. A majority of the work that goes into writing, usually happens before you even put pen to paper or in this case – fingers to keyboard.

Let me be brief with you…

One day I could be asked to write a 100 word description that will be tested to sell a lamp, the next day I might be writing a biography for a new small business owner. I never know what will come up until the day begins. The key is in the quality of the brief that I receive from my client.

Always debrief the brief!

Are you satisfied with the information and instructions you received?

I have learnt quickly in this role just how important it is to take the time out to ask questions. It’s crucial to make sure you understand what your client’s wants and needs are and what they are trying to achieve from the content. Whether it is incorporating keywords, targeting specific personas or trying to sell a product; it is important that I first understand what the client’s main objective is before I start writing.

So, now what?

Write, type, write, repeat? …


I’ve got my brief, I’ve debriefed my brief, so why can’t I start writing?

When I first started writing for a living, I thought I could just go with the flow. Write however I wanted to write. I was wrong! Just like everything else in life, I quickly learnt that it is all about planning. The time that I put in to the brief, the research and the planning was the result of the quality of my content.

Getting to know a client, their business and their objectives is my job. Writing just follows it. I love the face-to-face, voice-to-voice and text-to-text contact that I get to experience with the clients who end up becoming my friends.

Helping their business is just a bonus on the side!