Account Management

Account Meeting

Being an Account Manager at Conversion Kings, I am responsible for developing and managing relationships with our clients. As part of my role I provide regular updates with the progress of different tasks we are currently working on as well as working with them to ensure that we meet expectations set out as part of our engagement. Regular updates are provided through our weekly account meetings which are conducted over the phone, Skype or in person as well as emails.

An Account Manager is a key role to ensuring that every client receives the same level of service, every time a client contacts or communicates with Conversion Kings.

Communication is key to ensuring that projects and tasks are delivered on time, every time. Although I may only have one key person to communicate with at a particular organisation, sometimes I will end up working with multiple people across the same organisation. This sometimes proves to be difficult as I need to ensure that each person receives clear updates and nothing is left to assumptions. Having the luxury of each person present at every meeting is not always possible and that’s when it can become challenging to make sure that the discussion I’ve had with the other key people has been filtered to each relevant person that wasn’t present. Therefore, off the back of every meeting, I send a follow up email with the key action points to each person in order to be sure that they know exactly what has been discussed and what tasks have been set for the following week, month & quarter.

Another important aspect of being an Account Manager is managing the workflow between the different departments internally. Once a project has been set with a client, I need to involve the relevant people in-house and ensure they fully understand what the next project is as well as the deliverables of the project. Making sure that there is enough time available to manage the next project is vital to ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients.

As well as managing the healthy relationships of our clients, I am also responsible for managing our internal reporting dashboard and making sure that we are achieving our set goals. Our reporting dashboard is a key tool for providing a quick overview to management of the current live tests we have running.  You’re probably wondering why is this even important? Well, In order to run a successful CRO project, velocity of tests is primarily the most important metric we measure. If we identify that we are not achieving the required amount of velocity, then my role is to discuss this with the relevant people internally and communicate our strategy to rectify this with our clients.

Finally, the most rewarding part of being an Account Manager is actually getting to meet with all our clients every week to discuss the progress, achievements and challenges faced along their CRO journey with Conversion Kings.